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Art and Wine

30 Nov 2015

In 2014 CVNE started an annual exhibition programme that has focussed on contemporary sculpture.  This series of monographic shows presents pieces made by recognised artists in the winery’s centenary cellar.

The soils, plants and natural processes are intrinsic elements in the artisanal production of a wine, just as they are intrinsic to contemporary sculpture.  Essential concepts such as volume and materials take on a new meaning on the sculptural plane and achieve an openly poetic dimension. This is the vein that CVNE proposes to explore in this project.


Eduardo Chillida: “The Wind We Don’t See”

Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) inaugurated the exhibition programme when the winery was marking its 135th anniversary. A total of eight pieces were installed, five of which were large format sculptures made during the last decades of his life.

The conversation between the space and the work, between Chillida and CVNE, had an excellent starting point: a shared idiosyncrasy, a sobriety loaded with meaning, a respect for nature, for simplicity and unhurried actions.

Cristina Iglesias: “Wells”

Sculptor Cristina Iglesias, who holds Spain’s National Visual Arts Prize and is one of the Spanish artists who are most widely recognised outside our country, presented “Wells” in 2015.

The exhibition offered four pieces made with diverse materials—resin, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic stone and water—that could be seen from afar as simple cubic forms, plain and geometric. From closer vantage point, the visitor discovered an interior, totally organic dimension in these works in which roots, leaves and water filled a deep, mysterious cavity.


Anthony Caro.

CVNE continúes its conmitment with art.From the 16th of march-16th october Cvne wil host a new exposition.On this ocasionit will be the sculptor Anthony Caro, one of the most influential sculptors of the United Kingdom. Twenty three pieces of sculptures will invade the cellar.


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