Imperial Winery | CVNE


The Imperial winery is a small and unique independent artisanal winery within the original CVNE facility in Haro, where the company was founded. This has been one of Spain’s finest wines since 1920 and is only produced in years of exceptional harvests in Rioja: Imperial.

The winery’s flagship wine was ranked the world’s best wine in 2013 by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator, becoming the first Spanish wine to receive this accolade.

It takes its name from a special bottling run for the English market in a bottle known as the Imperial Pint (an imperial pint is approximately half a litre).

The winery contains French oak vats of different capacities, and rigorous quality controls govern wine production. The wines are monitored using artisanal techniques adapted specifically for each plot. Barrels are aged inside their Eiffel facility, built by the popular architect’s studio in 1909.

As well as Imperial, this winery also produces Real de Asúa wine, a homage to the winery’s founders.

Barrio de la estación s/n
26200 Haro, La Rioja

Imperial: Spain's iconic wine. A quintessential Rioja wine.

Imperial wines are only produced in years with outstanding harvests. They perfectly capture the essence of its soil and impeccable care of our Rioja Alta vineyards. Imperial has its own style: fine, precise and powerful.