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CVNE have been producing Monopole in Haro since the beginning of the 20th century. The name was registered back in 1915, making it the white wine with the oldest registered name in Spain. Since then, it has been one of CVNE’s most prominent wines and a benchmark in households and hospitality.

Monopole is made from viura grapes, and its French name denotes that the wine comes from a single vineyard, a term originating from Napoleonic times.

2014 marked a return to its former style, the very one that had earned this excellent white its great reputation. CVNE brought its historical winemaker Ezequiel García back to the winery, who had led wine production there for more than three decades. Known by the name of El Brujo (the wizard), he once again worked his magic with the re-edition of this 1960s Monopole, calling it Monopole Clásico.

Barrio de la estación, s/n
26200 Haro, La Rioja

Monopole, Spain's first white wine brand, was launched in 1915.

Made from Rioja Alta grapes, it is characterised by its consistent quality and clean and precise aroma. This wine has always been characterised by its reliable style: dry with a subtle salty finish, austere with high acidity.