Environment and food policy | CVNE

Social, Environmental and Food Safety Policy

Bodegas CVNE, dedicated to the elaboration, aging, bottling and commercialisation of wines covered by the D.O.C. Rioja establishes a quality, ethical, environmental and food safety policy for its production centers:

  • Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España, Haro (La Rioja)
  • Bodegas Viña Real, Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa).
  • Viñedos del Contino,  (Rioja Alavesa).

This policy focuses on the adoption of an Integrated Management System based on the BRCGS protocols (C.V.N.E. Haro and Viña Real) and ISO 14001:2015 (C.V.N.E. Haro, Viña Real and Viñedos del Contino), protocols that involves, in its implementation and daily development, all the people who work in the company. In turn, it provides the system, for its efficient operation, with the necessary human, environmental, technical and economic resources that will ensure the production of the production of safe, legal, authentic and quality wines.

The basic principles on which the Company relies for the definition of this Policy are as follows:

  • Ensure the satisfaction of interested parties, based on their needs, demands and expectations.
  • Comply with all legislation and regulations applicable to our wines, as well as other requirements that the company undertakes to comply with.
  • Comply with all legislation and regulations applicable to our employees, as well as other requirements that the company undertakes to comply with.
  • Sensitize and motivate all employees, according to their responsibilities and activities, within the framework of the Management System, reinforcing the basic values of the Policy and training them for the proper development of their work.
  • Assume the adoption of objectives and goals, progressing in a coordinated manner towards their achievement.
  • Promote the minimization of environmental aspects linked to our activities to reduce GHG emissions, maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • To promote an attitude of sustainability towards the environment in the personnel, promoting the prevention of pollution as a global challenge, in whose solution it is necessary to combine all the efforts.
  • Develop and continuously improve the Culture of the Quality and Food Safety plan.
  • Try to reduce or avoid the risk of intentional contamination of our food throughout the supply chain, establishing measures documented in our Food Defense and Fraud control plans.
  • Advancing towards constant progress, through research projects, such as “Characterisation and selection of microbiota for long-aged wines”. Developed in the years 2018-2020 and co-financed with FEDER and Gobierno de la Rioja funds. 

The management of the company is committed to implement and revise all the principles and pillars of this Policy, incorporating all the necessary improvements in periodic reviews, and ensures that all employees, suppliers and subcontractors know, understand and respect this Policy, making it public through talks and exposing it on bulletin boards, also being available to the general public.