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The environment and sustainability is a high priority for all of our wineries.Victor Urrutia, CEO C.V.N.E.

From the beginning C.V.N.E. has been committed to the environment, its surroundings and its people, developing environmental and social plans that have led to a sustainable production of its wines.

“Our ancestors left us a legacy. Today, we keep it very much in mind so as not to forget how to continue doing things always in search of that excellence and respect for the tradition that characterizes us; but what we cannot forget either is that we are suffering climatic challenges that deserve our full attention.
As a company committed to our environment and to the world in which we live, we must fight to reduce CO2 emissions with specific plans throughout the production chain; share and work as a team so that all the wineries follow the same line and we can leave a new legacy that combines tradition and sustainability.” – María Urrutia, Marketing Director and 5th generation of the founding family of CVNE

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Our sustainability measures

At C.V.N.E. we have implemented a Sustainability Plan 2020-2025, focused on the reduction of carbon emissions with the aim of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, in line with the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign.

To achieve these objectives, C.V.N.E. has joined the organization International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA).

In line with our Sustainability Plan 2020-2025, we have implemented the following measures:


Carbon Footprint Verfication

We are currently verifying the organization’s Carbon Footprint, including the vineyard, on the basis of internacional ISO-14064

Sustainable Vineyard Management

Sustainable management of our vineyards. Reduction of phytosanitary products, use of cover crops to increase the biodiversity of the land, key designs to maximise the use of water and avoid runoff and erosion.

Renewable Electricity

Use of electricity from 100% renewable sources. Use of electricity companies with a Guarantee of Renewable Origin (GdO) whose associated emissions are 0 kg CO2 eq/KWh consumed. Photovoltaic panel installation for the production of self-generated renewable energy. We already have an installed capacity of 635 kW, which represents 20% of the electrical energy consumed. Autoconsumo fotovoltaico. Instalación de autoconsumo fotovoltaico, para la producción de energía renovable autogenerada. Contamos con la siguiente potencia instalada;
- CVNE - Haro- 260 kw
- Viña Real 200 kw
- Bela 60 kw
- Virgen del Galir 50 kw
- Viñedos del Contino 40 kw
- La Val 24 kw

Circular Economy

By 2023, several circular economy projects launched: Installation of a biomass boiler at CVNE Haro, replacing fossil fuels with forest waste. Installation of another biomass boiler at Viña Real, fuelled by pruning waste from our vineyards. Recovery of organic substances through the by-products generated in the production of our wines.

Water reduction

Water use reduction plans, planned to reduce 20% by 2025 per bottle produced.

Sustainable Packaging

Continue with the use of Sustainable Packaging, through the use of bottles with reduced glass and recycled cardboard.


International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)

C.V.N.E reinforce its commitment to sustainability and joins the organization International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), as an Applicant Member, with all the wineries of the group. The aim of IWCA is to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, guaranteeing constant emission reductions in line with the intermediate objectives in 2030, aligned with the United Nations to Zero Campaign. It is the most internationally recognized organization in the wine sector, in which strategies to reduce emissions are shared and methodologies are developed for their measurement. They include vineyards in the calculation of emissions. We are proud to join dozens of wineries from all over the world that work towards a more sustainable future for the wine sector. C.V.N.E is Gold member.
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ISO 14001 – Bureau Veritas

Certificate for CVNE Haro, Viña Real and Viñedos del Contino. Demonstrates commitment to the environment by establishing environmental objectives, based on: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, Renewable energy and energy efficiency, Waste reduction and Water management
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