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31 May 2022

As part of our commitment to sustainability, innovation and development, we have started several new projects in our vineyards, opting for regenerative viticulture techniques when planting new vineyards. We are currently planting a new vineyard in Hervías (in La Rioja Alta), designed in the shape of a Keyline.

The Keyline system is about designing the vineyard in a way that respects the natural shape of the landscape, as well as applying techniques to make the most of rainwater. In this way, production is made profitable, the recovery and regeneration of the lower layer of the soil is improved, reaching a better balance between organic matter, minerals and microorganisms.

The Keyline design is based on making gentle slopes that allow us to infiltrate and evenly distribute the rainwater from our farm, so that erosion is minimized by reducing surface runoff. For this, a study of the topography of the terrain, the climate and the hydrological basin is necessary.

In 2022, we planted the plot “Girasoles” located in Hervías with an extension of 7.24ha, following the guidelines of Keyline design.

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