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Zero residue ZERYA®

10 Jun 2022

Since the 2022 harvest, we have started the process of certification as ZERYA® – zero residue for our vineyards.

ZERYA® is a differentiated quality brand whose objective is to define food production systems that guarantee a final product without pesticide residues.

At the moment, the vineyards at the San Rafael estate of our winery Contino are included in this project.

In 2022, we developed the zero residue guidelines for phytosanitary treatments, and we have carried out a control with multi-residue analysis both in grapes and in grape must and final wine. For the 2023 campaign, we continue with these guidelines and we will analyze the grapes in the days prior to the harvest to assess the residues at the end of the campaign.
More information about ZERYA® on its website:

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