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CVNE Top #8 World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2021 by Drinks International

06 Abr 2021

CVNE sube 15 puestos y llega al Top #8 World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2021 by Drinks International.

Drinks International valora una historia marcada por la tradición y la innovación, que en CVNE van de la mano, y enumera algunos de los valores que hacen de CVNE una bodega singular e icónica embajadora de España en el mundo.

“Gustave Eiffel – the guy who put up the tower in Paris – designed the cellar for CVNE’s Imperial wine, an imposing structure with a roof supported by steel trusses that allow for a large open space beneath to make barrel management easier. Fast forward 65 years to 1974 and CVNE planted Contino, the first single vineyard estate in Rioja, a terroir-led approach that’s since inspired similar practices across the region. While the northern Spanish wine company has, then, never shied away from innovation, that shouldn’t be confused with chasing a£ er the next big thing. “We completely ignore fashion,” CVNE chief executive Victor Urrutia told DI last year. That may be the secret to CVNE’s success and it’s almost certainly contributed to its longevity – eventually, if you stick to what you do best, fashion will catch up with you. “Nowadays everyone says they want to drink elegant wines,” added Urrutia, “wines that are ƒ ner, persistent, that age better – people want to drink older vintages – and we make those wines. We are living a good moment in that respect.” In the Americas, CVNE reports a growing interest in Spanish wines at the delicate and elegant end of the spectrum, and Asia has also been an engine of growth for the company. Both regions are also helping CVNE expand appreciation of Spanish wines from outside of Rioja, with wines from Galicia and Ribera del Duero making their mark, along with cava. Among the new additions in 2020 was Virgen del Galir from Galicia, a wine made from the little-known Merenzao grape.”

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