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Imperial Gran Reserva en la cena de campeones de Masters

05 Abr 2024

Estamos encantados de anunciar que el vino que se servirá en la Cena de Campeones de Masters en Honor a Jon Rahm es Imperial Gran Reserva 2012.

En las propias palabras de Jon Rahm, en una rueda de prensa reciente a cerca del vino elegido:

“Then the red wine, it’s called Imperial. It’s pretty much the same — actually I can do you a favor and show you right here. That’s the name right there. Definitely a different year, obviously.”

“For those of you wondering why the heck I have a wine bottle in my office, I have two of them. Those two were owned by my grandpa. It’s a special edition they did in 1994, the year I was born, with the soccer team I grew up with in Bilbao, and it was one of my grandpa’s prized possessions. It was his favorite wine, and we are partnering with them. We’re also going to have a little different label for the dinner partnering with them to have the wine there as one of my favorites in Spain. May not be the most famous one but it’s actually a very high-quality wine.”

“I wanted to put a little bit of my heritage and my family into this dinner, which is going to make it even more special.”

Mucha suerte Jon para este Master 2024, ¡estaremos contigo!

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