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CVNE Carbonic Maceration: pure fruit by Daily Mail.

09 May 2019

Olly Smith (Daily Mail) picks CVNE Carbonic Maceration as the fruitiest wines for Spring.

When spring dances around Smith Towers, the wines I’m pouring are all gluggable, juicy, reds. To ensure your fruity kicks, avoid reds that are high in tannins, which dry out your mouth, and shun older reds. As wines mature they become more savoury. For the fruitiest and juiciest gems, stick to youthful and light options such as good old Gamay from France, or explore the glory of Austrian reds made from Zweigelt or St Laurent.

How the wine is made is also worth paying attention to – look for the term ‘carbonic maceration’, which involves grapes fermenting under carbon dioxide, sending flavours soaring.

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