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CVNE presents Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva

15 Mar 2021

CVNE presents Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva.

With this novelty, the Monopole family of wines consisting of: the centenary Monopole, the remake of the 1960s Monopole Clásico and Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva.

Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva is a totally sui generis white wine and unique in the market. CVNE thus becomes the first Rioja winery to have five Gran Reserva: Imperial, Contino, Viña Real, Cune and Monopole.

In 1915, CVNE created Monopole, the first white wine in Spain. Today, 106 years later, the centenary winery launches the maximum expression of this wine with Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva. “We knew that in Rioja, and in our house, you could make very great whites. This time we wanted to do it with this totally sui generis Gran Reserva, unique in the market ”, according to María Larrea, technical director of the winery.

The history of Monopole: CVNE has been able to adapt the wines of a century-old winery to the new times without losing the essence that has characterized it throughout its long history. Monopole is the perfect example of this pairing of tradition and innovation.

From the beginning of the century until the 70s, Monopole was a reference in the houses and hotels of Spain, and one of the main CVNE wines. His style has always been characterized by being a serious, dry wine with a slight salty touch, austere, but with good acidity.

Monopole is made with the Viura grape variety and its name comes from French and means that the wine comes from a specific vineyard, a clarification that was created in Napoleon’s time. “In this Monopole we seek to create a classic Rioja white, but young and without wood, a fresh wine, fruity on the nose”, explains Larrea.

In 2014, the old school style was rescued, which had achieved the recognition of this great white. To get it back, CVNE brought its historic winemaker Ezequiel García back to the winery, in charge of making the winery’s wines for more than three decades. Nicknamed “The wizard”, he did magic again with the reissue of this Monopole from the 60s, which they called Monopole Clásico.

This wine takes us back to another era, through a tasty, fresh, balanced and delicious wine, made from a mixture of white grapes. The aging lasts approximately 8 months in used barrels and casks of different capacities, thus joining Rioja and Jerez, two of the most emblematic wine-growing areas of the peninsula in this wine.

Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva.

From that first Monopole Clásico made in 2014, a small part was allocated to barrel aging for 5 years, which has resulted in the maximum expression of this wine: Monopole Clásico Gran Reserva.

The grapes come from the CVNE vineyards located in Villalba, a high-altitude town sheltered by the Obarenes Mountains. All work in this vineyard, including the harvest, is done manually.

Priced 100€ per bottle, only 778 75cl bottles, 100 1.5-liter magnums and 27 3-liter bottles have been produced. This vineyard is worked within a very low yield. The wine has been aged for five years in four Rioja barrels and one cask, all of them used. A small percentage of chamomile was added to complement the viura. Furthermore, the wine has not been clarified since, as in the past, the long aging in barrels stabilizes and cleanses the wine in a natural way.

Classic Monopole Gran Reserva is available in our ONLINE STORE.