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Maruxa Mencia the new sensation with two IWC medals

13 Jul 2021

IWC awards two prizes to the new CVNE project in Valdeorras: Maruxa Mencia, the new sensation with two IWC medals.

We have recently seen CVNE’s project in Valdeorras with its Virgen del Galir winery. Very early, the first vintages are blooming with high ratings and awards. One of them is Maruxa Mencia the new sensation with two IWC medals.

The IWC awards Maruxa Mencía two prizes: IWC Great Value Champion Red 2021 as the best red of 2021 for its value for money and IWC Great Value Red Under £ 15 as a great value red wine below £ 15.

If the Mencía grape is highly valued among critics, making a monovarietal like this involves quite a bit of difficulty. Its spicy and fresh character is typical of the grape variety, something that offers personality and rusticity. In addition, CVNE’s project with this Maruxa is aimed at a wide audience for general enjoyment. So the surprise is even greater since they are highly recognized medals for a modest wine worked from the ground. Maruxa is a wine tradition brought directly to the table to enjoy eating. Maruxa is a soil that offers us true wonders. And Maruxa is, above all, a wine of sensations.

You can buy Maruxa Mencia, as well as all the wines of Virgen del Galir, in our ONLINE STORE.

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