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White and Rosés became trendy!

27 Jul 2016

The trend is clear: white and rosé wines  – specially during the summer time – are becaming a MUST everywhere!


Easy to drink with or without food, perfect to pair with all kinds of picnic and outdoor activities and accesible; this is reflected in many international media that have published us during the last months.


Read articles:


The 2016 Rosé Roundup: Parts 1, 2 & 3 at Vinous
“Rosé wines have always been emblematic of summer and, as even a casual glance at retailers’ shelves and restaurant wine lists reveal, their popularity has never been stronger.”


Randall Murray: Sip some rosy wines during the summertime
“Sip some rosy wines during the summertime! Time to start thinking about hot-weather quaffing”


Viña Real Rioja Rosé at The Columbus Dispatch
“Made from viura and tempranillo grapes, it’s an excellent choice for year-round consumption with soft cheeses, shellfish, smoked salmon, grilled fish, fish soups, paella and other dishes made with saffron. Serve lightly chilled. Jon Christensen, Wine Reviewer.”


Monopole 15 and Cune Rosado 15 reco’d in Pull That Cork
“It’s official, summer has arrived. That means warm temperatures, backyard grilling and warm afternoons and evenings spent sipping chilled wine. We recently received three wines from CVNE as tasting samples that will fit any of the above summertime settings. All offer excellent quality and general deliciousness for not very much money. It was an illuminating tasting.”


Cune Rosado at The Capital Gazzette
“The Rose choices are getting better and better. Why? Because people have finally shed the psyche that they will taste like White Zinfandel or Lancer’s—not that there is anything wrong with that if that is what you like. Find a new favorite: Cune Rosado.”


Whites and Rosé: The Rioja less traveled at ArmChairSommelier
“Rosé goes global, some best bets from U.S., Spain: Cune Rosado, Made by CVNE, this brightly color tempranillo rosé has bright acidity, floral aromas and delicious strawberry flavors.


Rioja is renowned the world over for its spectacular red wines. Rare is the Rioja red (think Tempranillo) that I can resist. I can’t help it. I get all weak-kneed and gooey for Tempranillo. Tempranillo might just be my spirit animal. But wait. Rioja also makes white wines. Really goodwhite wines!”


Cune Rosado 2015, Monopole 2015 and Vina Real 2015 featured in Drinking Wisely and Well
“You likely know Rioja for its Tempranillo-based reds, but what about its whites and rosés? Though less familiar, they offer refreshing, yet structured options for springtime sipping.”


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