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At CVNE we offer you the possibility of enjoying different activities within our wineries.

Wine tourism at CVNE includes historic facilities, Gustave Eiffel, vast vats, caves that house thousands of barrels and bottles, vineyard retreats, the chateau concept, sensory workshops and Riojan cuisine. Our 140-year history makes a walk around our vineyards and barrels the perfect experience. Visitors have the chance to visit the winery, as well as enjoy wine tastings, outdoor tours and picnics in the vineyards and stunning locations such as the Viña Real viewpoint; discover centenary wines in the Wine Cemetery, customise bottles and taste unique flavours in the Wine Bar, among other activities. CVNE has an extensive range of visits, with experiences, timetables and routes to suit all tastes and audiences.



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Bodega CVNE

Visit CVNE

Full guided tour of CVNE winery in Haro and commented tasting of two wines with appetizer. Serigraphed glass as a gift.


Bodega CVNE

Visit CVNE Imperial

Guided tour through the oldest part of the winery where our iconic wine, Imperial, is still produced to this day.


Bodega CVNE

Gastronomic visit

Visit the winery and end with a lunch designed by Miguel Caño, chef of Los Caños restaurante.