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The beautiful story of Jon Rahm with CVNE IMPERIAL

13 Jul 2021

The young golfer has become the first Spaniard to win the US OPEN and has revealed the beautiful story of Jon Rahm with CVNE IMPERIAL.

We are very happy that the beautiful story of Jon Rahm with CVNE IMPERIAL has come to light, a wine that celebrated its 100th vintage last year

Spanish sport is triumphing again and has brought us great joy from the hand of our most international golfer: Jon Rahm. Last week, the young athlete made history and at 26 he became the first Spaniard to win the US Open. A milestone for the sports chronicle of our country.

Jon is a young player with Basque roots, like our Company. In addition, he travels the world representing our country, as well as our wines. But our connection with Jon does not stop there, since there is a beautiful story that links him to our most emblematic wine and that has just come to light, after Rahm has told us where he is going to place this magnificent trophy.

As the golfer has recalled, for his grandfather one of his passions was: “family, Athletic Club and wine”. For this reason, Jon Rahm received as part of his wedding gift, from his father, two bottles of Imperial 1994, the year of his birth. And these two very special bottles will be the ones that will guard the US Open trophy in the place of honor that they preside over in his home, over the fireplace. This is Jon Rahm’s beautiful story with CVNE IMPERIAL. A pride that CVNE and sport are united in the culture of our country.

A great prize flanked by a great wine.

Congratulations Jon Rahm!

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