Cune Crianza

Cune Crianza has been produced every year since the company was founded.

The vineyards for Cune Crianza are located in Rioja Alta, near the CVNE winery, which means that the grapes arrive intact at the winery to be processed in optimal conditions. Approximately half of the grapes are from our own vineyards in Haro and nearby towns, while the rest are bought from grape growers in the area. We have relied on these suppliers for generations to produce Cune Crianza, and every year, we monitor and advise them through the CVNE technical team.

The grapes are fermented in a 20,000-kilo stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature between 25 and 27ºC to preserve the fruit that characterises this wine. Remontage is performed every day and delestage twice during maceration. After 12 days in a vat, the grapes are pressed, and malolactic fermentation takes place in a tank. Subsequently, the wine is aged in American oak barrels for one year, during which it acquires its characteristic aromatic balance, fine character and overall expression.




Name of the Wine
Cune Crianza
Region of Production
Grape Variety
85% tempranillo
15% garnacha tinta y Mazuelo


2018 2017
“The first wine produced by the company took its name from the initials CVNE. A fortuitous misspelling between the U and the V created the iconic Cune brand. Initially, this wine was made in the style of the Bordeaux Medoc clarets. It then evolved to become a Crianza, originally known as "Third Year”
Cune Reserva DESCUBRE MÁS Cune Reserva Cune Reserva “Cune was the first wine produced by the company, taking its name from the initials CVNE. Cune Reserva is a classic Rioja Alta wine, specifically from Haro. Historically, it was known as "fourth year" or "fifth year”