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Cune Blanco Reserva

CVNE was historically known as a red wine producer. However, it also makes whites. In the 1950s and 1960s, CVNE produced unfortified dry white wine, which was aged in the barrel, in its Haro winery.

The quality of these wines was excellent. However, they were not known, they were not exported, they were not advertised, and they were forgotten.

We believe that the current owners of CVNE have a duty to rescue and promote these wines. Therefore, this is the origin of Cune Blanco Reserva, with its first vintage in 2018.

The grapes for Cune Blanco Reserva come from a selection of our 9 hectares of white grape vines planted in Torremontalvo in 1973. The Barbarroja vineyard is named after a small hill that protects it from frost. We selected it due to the quality of the grapes, which are ideal for this wine. Head-trained vines on a gentle south-facing slope at an altitude of just over 400 m with clayey soils and surface pebbles that help to maintain humidity levels. The grapes were harvested manually at the beginning of October, somewhat later than usual, given the characteristics of the vintage. Manual harvesting in 20 kg boxes and prompt transport to the winery. We press the grapes gently without removing the stems, and the must is racked spontaneously over 24 to 48 hours before fermentation, one part in concrete and approximately half in a combination of a foudre and French oak barrels that are new or have been used once. After fermentation, batonnage is carried out with the lees, initially every day but less frequently over time according to tastings. The aim is to give volume to the wine without losing its character and vitality. It is filtered before bottling. Aged for 18 months in the barrel and 6 months in the bottle.




Name of the Wine
Cune Blanco Reserva
Region of Production
Grape Variety
100% viura


2020 2019 2018
“In the past, CVNE produced high-quality white wines intended to be laid down for long periods. Fashion left us behind and, sadly, this great tradition was lost. Now it is back, with Cune Blanco Reserva (among others). And this time, we don't care about fashion. Wine to enjoy without reservation”
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